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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment & frozen shoulder include occurring as a result of compression of the median. So, Nerve running from the wrist splinting to the hand (the prevent carpal tunnel).

pressure on the median nerve passes through a long passageway inside the hand and wrist (the carpal tunnel release). So, through a large nerve root at the elbow joint (forearm) and down to the hand. It gives the sensation only to the palm side of both thumbs, ring fingers, and except for the smallest finger.

This condition is known scientifically as CTS. it has symptoms such as numbness or tingling, pain numbness, higher risk of nerve damaging, weakness in the hand, frequent breaks, and loss of grip strength. Dr. Naresh Pandita expert in diagnose open surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome & knee pain treatment.

Hand Fracture Surgery

If you are experiencing discomfort, swelling, and even repetitive motion pain in your hands and wrists for the long term of time. Then it could be due to a broken hand bone.

frequent breaks Hand Fracture sometimes referred to as Stress fracture. Occurs when a person experiences sudden and severe stress in their joints. In the case of broken hand bones, the tissue, bone around the joint have been radically changed due to stress. Therefore, increase the risk of pain and broke.

Left untreated, a stress fracture can lead to permanent or long-term joint damage that will impair your ability to use your hands or even walk or in a repetitive motion or neutral position. It is important that you visit your doctor may recommend for medical advice and physical examination. On your hand fracture as soon as possible in order to get the proper treatment. Or nerve conduction studies.

Wrist Fracture Surgery

Wrist Fractures are medically termed paragangliomas. occur due to the damage of one or more of the tendons or carpal ligament connecting the forearm to the hand.

Hand fractures can be caused by an accidental fall on your outstretched hand, bending your wrist, or work-related injuries. Certain sports like tennis, snowboarding, or football can also be a major cause of wrist fractures for young children.

Fractures are most commonly associated with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis medical conditions. Characterized by the formation of bone cartilage in the joint and hardening of the bones over time.

Forearm Fracture Surgery

Forearm Fracture Surgery & elbow fracture surgery is a serious type of injury that if not treated properly, causes a permanent or higher risk of disability.

Your forearm consists of both the ulnar and the radial bones. When either of these bones gets broken, it’s said to be a forearm fracture.

Many fractures in the forearm happen in the radial area. While fractures in the ulnar area are more likely to be a crack. The crack may not penetrate the skin, depending on its size, its shape, and how it was hit. Dr. Naresh Pandita is also expert in cutting the ligament Treatment and endoscopic surgery.

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