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Orthopedic Clinic in Gurgaon

Apex Clinic


Dr. Naresh Pandita highly experienced orthopedic doctor. So, Patients can consult Dr. Naresh Pandita at Apex clinic between 9 AM and 9 PM regarding all orthopaedic problems. Apex clinic is the best Orthopedic Clinic in Gurgaon.


Apex clinic has a fully quipped X-ray room. In other words It’s highly important to examine area where patient is experiencing joint pain treatment or discomfort. Before determining and how to proceed with the bone fracture treatment.

Operation Theatre

Fully equipped operation theatre at Apex bone and joint clinic where Dr. Naresh Pandita conducts major operations, diagnosis and treatment. In addition, We have all the required instruments So, The operation theatre is regularly sanitized. All operating rooms are equipped with surgical lights. So, the orthopedic operating room should have a dedicated the physiotherapy and radiology instruments.

Bone and Joint Clinic

Private Ward

We have two private wards for our patients to rest after major operations. Because, we aim for a speedy recovery under Dr. Naresh’s observation after the operation. Attendants are welcome. Because of the private environment allows for visitors to visit without disrupting other patients. It also has less noise, which makes it a more pleasant place to recuperate. In addition, a patient’s medical condition will be treated with better care in a private ward.


Not only is physiotherapy & orthopaedic doctor important after operations but it is also important to treat minor injuries. Similarly, any movement problems majorly in hip joint slip disc, sports injuries and knee replacement. So, Physiotherapy is an essential part of the rehabilitation process. And It aims to increase a person’s quality of life and physical capabilities of musculoskeletal system.


The pharmacy at Apex Clinic has all the medication available. All our patients can purchase medicines prescribed by Dr. Naresh Pandita at the pharmacy for convenience. And, our professionals and support staff must complete continuing education courses and have an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare field. And, they can explain side effects of medications and give advice on the proper dosages.