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Knee Fracture Surgery & What Common Symptoms Are Usually Seen During And After Procedure

Knee Fracture Surgery & Common Symptoms

Knee Fractures are common injuries that take place with sports like football and rugby. You may even have suffered from a knee fracture at some time in your life.

A Knee Fracture Surgery is a surgical procedure performed to help regain the normal function of your knee. and to prevent the bone from further damage. A knee fracture is either a cracked bone or a shattered bone-in or near the joint. This may involve both the tibia (shin bone) or the femur (thigh bone). Where they join the knee joint to help with motion.

This form of broken bones is more common among athletes and sportspeople and for this reason. A Knee Fracture Surgery is recommended if your knee has experienced any kind of abnormal fractures. It is also recommended for those sports persons who continuously play games. With their knees that leads to them continuously feeling pain even with normal movements.

Different Factors Of Injuries & Knee Fracture

Many factors contribute to this kind of injuries and Knee Fracture Surgery is one of them. They include the following: an accident involving repeated sudden movements. A direct blow to the lower portion of your bone. (this can be any region since knee bones generally have similar thickness). overuse of your knee, wearing high heels all the time, obesity, and weakness of the knee cap. In addition, abnormal bone growth can also result in the problem.

The most common example of abnormal bone growth is the clubfoot. If this is the case, a Knee Fracture Surgery is recommended since the broken bones. will be replaced by proper bones of the opposite side. There are other reasons why a surgical procedure performed by a qualified Knee Fracture Surgeon. It is needed but that will be mentioned later.

Procedure Of Knee Fracture Surgery performed by a Surgeon

With a minimally invasive procedure performed by a Knee Fracture Surgeon. you can actually achieve a quick recovery and the process takes only two to three hours to perform. For this type of minimally invasive procedure. you will be given local anesthesia through the means of a small incision. that is usually hidden by the use of a rubber band or ankle wrap.

Since only the damaged bone is replaced and no complete bone is extracted. this minimally invasive surgery will not cause any damage to the nerves or blood vessels that surround your knee. During the surgery, the damaged bone will be placed in the region where it was previously fractured. Then new artificial bones will be anchored to these damaged bones and secured. With a metal clip to ensure they are stable and do not move when you walk.

This type of minimally invasive Knee Fracture Surgery is recommended to those who experience knee fractures. with more severe damage that may require surgery such as in case of severe internal degeneration of the bone. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot have surgery for knee fractures that require less extreme methods.

Even if the damage to the bone is less severe, there are still some cases where it might require surgery. Knee fractures can also occur because of sports-related accidents. They are also common among boxers and football players.

Different Types Of Knee Fractures

There are different types of fractures including patellar subluxation, patellar malalignment deformity, Osgood Schlatter, dislocations, and thoracic kyphoplasty. In Osgood Schlatter Knee Fracture Surgery. the upper portion of the thigh bone is cut out so that it can be replaced. by a portion of the thigh bone from the lower part of the thigh.

This is a minimally invasive technique. The problem with this procedure is that it will only replace a part of your thigh bone. Thus leaving the chance for other bone parts to become damaged or deform. This is especially important to do for children who have developed knee troubles early on.

Patellar subluxation surgery is one of the most common procedures that are done. This is usually done on patients that have a high possibility of developing this type of fracture. It is done through an incision in the front portion of the knee or even under the armpit. Your doctor may recommend a tibial plateau pressure transposition. Which is an open fractures procedure that is not recommended for children.

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