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How Do Hand Fractures Affect Healing?

Hand Fracture Surgery – An Overview

Hand Fracture Surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to align and stabilize. The injured bones in hand with artificial implants like plates and screws, wires, or plates. So, this procedure is sometimes combined with Arthroscopic Surgery for optimal results.

Hand fractures can be very painful and should be treated promptly. but, during the surgery, a compression garment will be applied. and the fractured part of the hand will be stabilized and closed using a short wear cast. A splint or cast will be used afterward to help keep the fracture location stable.

Main Purpose Of Hand And Wrist Fracture Surgery

The main purpose of hand and wrist fracture surgery is to increase the strength of the surrounding bone fragments. Implant wires will be placed under the bones of your palm to help support and realign them. So, this is a temporary fix while your bones heal.

The goal of hand surgery is to restore motion and function to your palm. Hand surgeons will work closely with you throughout your recovery and range of motion give you rehabilitation advice. To make a speedy and healthy return to daily activities by hand therapy.

Different Type Of Hand Fractures & Surgeries

There are a few different kinds of hand broken bone fractures that require surgery specialists. If you have broken your hand in half and the pieces of bones are separated. The best candidate would be someone who has had experience in dealing with this type of injury.

If you broke your hand along the palm side. The ideal candidate would be someone with experience in dealing with palm fractures include. If your hand was fractured in the back area. hand fractures require surgeons would most likely not perform the surgery. So, this is because most back injuries require back surgery.

Non-surgical Treatment Options For Hand Fracture Surgery

Most open fractures require that surgical medical condition treatments be performed by a plastic surgeon. and one of the preformatted treatment options is a splint. The splint is put on the affected hand metacarpal bone and held in place with wires and clamps. It provides an artificial hand for those. who cannot or do not want to have to go through reconstruction or other difficult lifestyle adjustments.

If you fracture your hand without having it surgically repaired. the most common non-surgical treatment option is heat therapy. and when your wrist or hand suffers from a break in the tendons or the nerves associated with these tendons. So, heat is used to reduce inflammation and pain.

Heat Therapy Traditional Surgical Treatment

Your doctor of American academy may suggest heat therapy. if your wrist or hand hurts too much to carry out the traditional surgical treatment. But, heat therapy works by using a machine to apply heat directly to the affected area. and some doctors allow the patient to control the level of heat. Applied by measuring the temperature of the water before and after the application of heat on the bone graft.

Your doctor will probably give you several weeks or up to six weeks of rest after hand fractures. To allow the tendons and the bones to heal. This rest period is usually accompanied by a steroid injection into the affected bones.

Swelling and pain are fairly common side effects after this injection. and the doctor may also prescribe a splint to support your wrist during the initial healing process. But, you may also need to use a brace to keep your wrist stable while you are resting.

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